Great Heights Tutoring, Tutoring, Tutor, East York, Toronto, Mathematics, Math, Physics, Calculus, free, Advanced Functions, Vectors
Great Heights Tutoring, Tutoring, Tutor, East York, Toronto, Mathematics, Math, Physics, Calculus, free, Advanced Functions, Vectors
Great Heights Tutoring, Tutoring, Tutor, East York, Toronto, Mathematics, Math, Physics, Calculus, free, Advanced Functions, Vectors
Great Heights Tutoring, Tutoring, Tutor, East York, Toronto, Mathematics, Math, Physics, Calculus, free, Advanced Functions, Vectors

Students, do you want to get better grades?

We can help.

Great Heights Tutoring is a tutoring service located in the heart of East York (Toronto) that currently specializes in mathematics and physics at the high school and senior elementary levels (see the subjects section below for details).

Nowadays, with class sizes typically in the mid-30ís it is difficult for a student to get individual attention. Furthermore, as university entrance averages continue to increase, students need all the assistance they can get. Thatís where we can help. With our individual to small group sessions we can provide that attention that students need and deserve.

Our tutors are professionals (currently studying in professional programs or are graduates of professional programs) in a variety of fields. This ensures some of the highest levels of proficiency in the subjects to be taught.

Our goal is very simple, it is to improve our students grades which will inevitably help them excel in their academic careers and beyond.

NOTE: Discounted rates are available for group tutoring.

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We at Great Heights Tutoring specialize in tutoring math and physics.

High school

Elementary school

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Owners: John Tzanakakis, B.A.Sc.
                                   Svedlana Tzanakakis, B.Sc., M.Sc. OT

Phone: (416) 356-0022 -> John


Address: 20 Northridge Ave., Toronto, Ontario

View Larger Map of 20 Northridge Ave, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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